Thanks to the amazing people who made Xmas special

What an amazing Valley we live in – not only stunningly beautiful, but inhabited by an extraordinarily kind and generous people.
Xmas dinnerXmas dinner
Xmas dinner

Once again the community has partnered with the Salvation Army to bring relief to families and individuals in need.

This year the Toy Appeal served 223 children whose parents were struggling to provide for them.

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In response we have received texts, letters and cards from grateful parents, and children. Very touching. A number of people received the ingredients to cook their own Christmas dinner and, where necessary, a fuel allowance to enable them to cook.

And our Christmas Day meal was, as usual, a happy event.

The Salvation Army could not have undertaken these projects without the generosity of those willing to give in cash or kind.

Thank you to ALL who gave, to whatever extent, from stocking fillers to main presents, from small to larger donations.

Thank you Editor for granting us space in the Advertiser to promote our appeal, and thank you for dear Katie Hammond, who is such a joy to work with, and so innovative in her journalism.

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Thank you to the Food Bank for providing extra treats for families, and the kind gentleman who donated fresh turkeys. Thank you to our charming Mayor, Coun. Val Cooper, and her consort, Gary, for their visit to us on Christmas Day, and for making tea as people arrived. Much appreciated!

Thank you Clitheroe Hospital Catering Staff, for a superb meal.

Thank you volunteers, who helped with all the hard work. Thank you Roefield Specialist Care Unit, for the gifts and treat you provided for our Christmas Day guests. Thank you Skipton Building Society, for being a toy collection point.

We say to all who gave in any way, cash, gifts, food, toys, time, energy, and prayers – without your help needs would not have been met, we would not have been able to buy the Christmas dinner, treats would not have been distributed, and 223 children would have had a sad Christmas.

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The true spirit of Christmas has been evidenced in our midst.

We pray God’s blessing on every one of you for your kind hearts and generous spirits, for your willingness to think of others.

Wishing you all a peaceful and joyous New Year.

With humble thanks,

Captain Elizabeth Smith and Envoy Brenda Wise,

Clitheroe Salvation Army.