Teachers’ strike hurts working parents

In relation to yet another inconvenient teachers’ strike in the hope that they receive more pay, I am sure I speak for the majority of parents whom this strike will affect.

Tuesday, 15th July 2014, 7:00 am
Striking teachers

We will have enough child care problems and days off during the summer holiday break, which is too long anyway. As full-time working parents another strike has implications for child care. We will lose a day’s pay because of the teachers’ actions. Employers are also affected with a reduced workforce.

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We are unable to take our children out of school in term time to save ourselves some money and if we do so then we are threatened with a fine, hardly fair. As a health professional I have a duty of care for my patients. Surely as teachers you have a duty to teach our child. As working parents we are very disappointed in all the teachers who participate in the strike and affect our child’s education for the sake of a pay rise. I am sure we would like a pay rise. As our child’s education and our working week has been affected yet again, this letter is an expression of our disappointment in yet another teachers’ strike.

Gail Ellis