Stupid to feed the foxes

To the residents local to the Moseley Road area of town, who have been feeding the wild foxes.

TTo say you are stupid and morons would in my opinion be an understatement. I have livestock within easy reach of the area and, because of your inconsiderate feeding of these vermin, I have lost over 30 chickens, who have had their heads bitten off and just left; and Friday evening the foxes again came killing and killed my prize goose that I have had since 1998.

Foxes are vermin who should not be artificially fed; they should roam the countryside and consume carrion, small animals and berries. Feeding them in this way just increases their instinct for going out and killing for the fun of killing.

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You may think you have been helping the foxes, but all you have done is contributed to their early demise, because now I am going to remove the fox population from the area. I will snare, poison or shoot them until they are all eradicated.

So, to all of you who have been feeding them, you really are a special kind of stupid!

Angry resident

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