Speed cameras do act as deterrent

I have just read your story (Clitheroe Advertiser, September 19th) regarding the horrendous two-car crash at Whalley on August 16th.

I remember this, as friends we were meeting for dinner were very late because of the crash.

I travel 247 miles each way (to junction 47 of A1 then onto the A59) on my annual pilgrimage back to Clitheroe, from where I was evacuated 1944-45.

For most parts the A59 is a good road, if treated properly and with respect, particularly to other road users.

Where we live in Essex I frequently use the M11 and M25 motorways and the London North Circular road (A406) – all notorious roads which I had driven daily for 20 years before retirement.


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Last year I had need to make two round trips to Clitheroe involving some 1,000 miles, all within 10 days, and the only near-misses experienced were on the A59 close to Clitheroe with motorcyclists travelling – sometimes “racing” – far too fast, especially on roundabouts.

Here in London and its suburbs we have armies of speed-cameras, particularly near “blackspots”, also traffic-light cameras which kick-in when motorists “jump” the lights – these do really seem to act as a deterrent.

James (Nick) Godlonton,

Woodford Green, Essex