Silence is unacceptable face of public sector

It’s not easy getting an answer from Lancashire County Council. Three letters of mine complaining about the “papergate” scandal at Whalley library. Now I would like to put in my final penny-farthings-worth.
books in the librarybooks in the library
books in the library

OK LCC, so you want to stay silent about my complaint and be the North West’s version of the three wise monkeys and call that a quality service? The British Army call a similar silence dumb insolance. But LCC failure to respond doesn’t help us Whalley Library patrons wanting equality with other libraries in our newspaper service.

The moral of my little story is that you can complain to LCC until you are blue in the face and you won’t get an answer. Yet, fail to pay your council tax and they have a quick answer – it’s called jail!

We have to see reform – this silence is an unacceptable face of the public sector. It seems nearly always heads they win and tails we lose.

Bert Hardwick