Save our fields, build in inner cities

In an article in the Daily Telegraph (July 26thth, 2014) Branan Lewis stated communities who once opposed housing developments now support them because of the coalition goverment’s planning reforms.

Has he surveyed the people of the Ribble Valley? Where has he found this dramatic swing?

In 2013, Mr Pickles overruled a decision by Ribble Valley planners and allowed a further 246 houses on the Lawsonstead development in Whalley.

This was despite the fact it was also against the wishes of the majority of Whalley residents.

I was amazed recently to read (July 21st, 2014) that Mr Pickles and George Osborne had seen the light and now themselves and the Government had decided brownfield sites were the best place to build houses, generate jobs and regenerate areas.

I now ask the question: If Mr Pickles could overrule the planners why can he not now say: “I was wrong? 54 houses on this site are enough, I will rescind the permission for 246 more which only the developer and land owner wanted” Whalley residents are not NIMBYs. Other developments on greenfield sites have been passed for land off Accrington Road, Mitton Road and Hayhurst Road. Along with plans passed and pending for Billington, Barrow and Clitheroe.

We are losing enough green fields. The Government and Mr Evans are aware an election is near and are suddenly concerned. It is not too late. Send letters and emails. Contact the Government and its representatives, eg. the office of Nigel Evans, House of Commons, London SW1A 1AA.

“In a democracy the power should lie with the people” – so said the promised Localism Bill.

Save our fields, regenerate the Accrington, Blackburn and Burnley “inner city” areas. Make them places people want to live in again.

Wendy Leach,

Brookes Lane, Whalley