Save cash by cutting number of councillors

Our council in Pendle is constantly looking for ways to cut costs and/or make money, the latest scheme being charging gardeners £25 to empty their green bins!

One area where loads of money could be saved is right under their noses, but somewhat surprisingly, it never comes under the axe, so I will bring it to their attention.

Nelson has 24 town councillors, so why does it need 13 borough councillors? Barrowford has 12 parish councillors, so why does it need three borough councillors? In Pendle there are 19 town/parish councils, so why do we need 49 borough councillors or vice versa?

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Just look around you. Can you honestly say that despite all these people supposedly looking after our interests, our streets are any cleaner, or our countryside any greener? This duplication is costing Pendle taxpayers tens of thousands of pounds a year.

Unless they want to be accused of paying lip service when they talk about making economies, then surely this is where they should begin.

G. Metcalfe

Smith Street, Nelson