Roundabout work destroying rabbits’ home

Hello my name is Charis and I am from Burnley; I am 10. I am writing this letter to tell you what I think about you digging up the Barracks roundabout.


This is because: most people from Burnley surely will have driven past this special roundabout, which I call Rabbit Roundabout, and will have definitely seen at least one rabbit on it.

The reason this is making me annoyed is because imagine if you were eating with your family enjoying your home and all of a sudden loads of intruders come in and start destroying your beautiful home.

Even though these people are doing this because they have to make another lane and put traffic lights in, it still doesn’t make it right! Also, this is a bit like deforestation in some ways; have you seen how much greenery is left around Burnley? You’re ruining nature and wildlife. Some day rabbits (and the other species who live on that roundabout) might be extinct soon and you’re not helping by taking away their home!

I know you can’t erase what you have done but can you at least think about what you are doing because this has really hurt many people? I also know a few other people have written a letter to complain about this terrible situation and they’re right to have done so.

It would be great if you could take this letter into consideration and I hope my message is clear to you! It would be good if you could respond to this letter so I can hear what you think about this situation too.

Charis Horsfall