Roundabout needed at danger junction

The problems with motorists and motor cycles using Worston Lane to gain access to or leave the A59 Clitheroe bypass arise almost entirely from the badly engineered A59/Pendle Road junction.

It has no run-off or acceleration lanes, yet it was thought fit to provide these for the industrial link road and even for the much less busy junctions to Pendleton and Standen Hall, Worston and Chatburn.

Consequently, motorists travelling from the Preston direction and turning left into Pendle Road risk being run into from behind as others seek to overtake them on what is only a single carriageway at this point. The blame for this state of affairs lies squarely in the hands of the Highways Agency, who re-designed this junction when the A59 was still a trunk road. Having de-trunked the road they passed responsibility to Lancashire County Council and washed their hands of it.

This junction desperately needs to be replaced with a roundabout, whether or not the proposed housing on the adjacent Standen estate takes place. If, as seems likely, it does, could the county council not insist on the developer providing the necessary highway improvements before other work starts on the site?

Anthony A. Cooper,

Peel Park Avenue, Clitheroe