Roads are not dangerous, it’s the drivers

Hands on steering wheel of a car and blurred asphalt roadHands on steering wheel of a car and blurred asphalt road
Hands on steering wheel of a car and blurred asphalt road
We were unsurprised but disappointed to read the report on the front page of your paper recently.

We have no intention of becoming embroiled in the merits of changes to the Spring Wood traffic lights, as we are unaware of the cause of previous incidents and expect the council will take action if necessary.

However, it is about time motorists took responsibility for their manner of driving.

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Traffic lights are the same all over the country. When the red light shows motorists must stop – it does not mean stop if you feel like it.

Spring Wood is no exception to this law.

Roads are not dangerous, it is the manner on which they are driven that causes accidents.

Perhaps a more appropriate campaign for someone to take up would be for the compulsory fitting of seat belts on all public service vehicles, as injuries would have been far less severe in this instance had they been fitted.

Finally, we would like to sincerely thank two passing motorists who boarded the bus immediately after the accident, as they gave much comfort, support and medical assistance to passengers who were injured. It is comforting to know there are people in this world who show much kindness to strangers.

It almost goes without saying the emergency services were excellent. They provide a sterling service often under difficult circumstances.

Anne Barker, Clitheroe

Joyce Frost, Sawley