‘Revolver’ was greatest Beatles’ work

An excellent “As I See It” by Eric Beardsworth, well remininsced and I fully agree with his reflections on the Beatles. Many consider the Sgt Pepper LP as their “masterpiece”, but I join Eric in declaring “Revolver” as their as their “zenith” before George Martin’s and Phil Spector’s productions “over polished” their talents.
the Beatles. Photo: PA/PA Wirethe Beatles. Photo: PA/PA Wire
the Beatles. Photo: PA/PA Wire

It’s a shame they couldn’t “get back” to regular live shows, but when the “split” eventually came, George Harrison’s work showed he had been a “gem” waiting to be discovered.

Talking of “gems”, how many locals remember the moody, magnificent Van Morrison playing in a marquee set up on the castle tennis courts about 1966, or the talent that was Mike Oldfield, appearing with Kevin Ayers on the bandstand in the early 1970s, great days.

George Reynolds,

Bonnygrass Terrace, Clitheroe

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