Religious objection to hog roast is beyond belief

It seems we have a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own in our midst.
Mark Woods on the Horns Inn hog roastMark Woods on the Horns Inn hog roast
Mark Woods on the Horns Inn hog roast

We all know what people like that are commonly referred to as. Our friend appears to have got his facts a little confused.

The commandment Thou shall not kill is the word of God addressing his people. Meaning they shall not kill each other. It is nothing to do with animals and how you associate the docking of tails or pulling of teeth, etc. to your objections to a hog roast is beyond comprehension. I am sure the lovers of roast pork will have no interest in your confused comments.

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The Church of England has not lost its way at all. It is continually updating its practices to meet the needs of today’s society, especially with regards to the younger generation. Perhaps if you took more interest in the Church you would become better informed.

The Parochial Church Council at St Anne’s works extremely hard to raise funds to keep the Church buildings compliant with Health and Safety Regulations. Without fund raising we would not have a church at all.

Perhaps our religious friend would like to donate the £15,000 which is required to repair the church steeple.

Kevin Moore

Wheatley Lane

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