Questions you should ask the canvassers

With elections in the offing, canvassers from the three main parties will be out lobbying for your vote.

If Labour comes knocking on your door, ask why Ed Miliband is opposing the Government’s plans to stop councillors getting pensions? This scheme, set up when Labour was in office, is costing taxpayers millions of pounds a year.

The question you should ask the Lib-Dems is why they thought it more important to cover up Cyril Smith’s odious activities to protect the party’s interests rather than the boys who were being abused?

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As for the Conservatives, well, without a doubt, you should demand to know why billions of pounds are spent on foreign aid, much of which is never accounted for by the way, when our council is so strapped for cash that it has to charge for taking away garden waste.

David Walker

Ashfield Close, Barrowford