Public safety, not cost, should be a priority

Further to the letter regarding traffic lights, or rather, the lack of bulbs in traffic lights, I have recently contacted Lancashire County Council Highways department.

At the time, Mitre traffic lights, Active Way near Homebase, Duke Bar pedestrian lights, and the lights on Colne Road at Lidl, had one or more green lights not functioning. Since then I have noticed the pedestrian lights in Church Street, St Peter’s, Briercliffe Road pedestrian lights, and Brierfield pedestrian lights all have a green light not functioning.

Needless to say, I have not received a response from LCC.

One is bound to ask if the lack of correctly lit traffic lights is a deliberate policy by LCC in their desperation to save money. If it is, I would question their choices as I would have thought that road traffic and pedestrian safety should be uppermost in their policy decisions, and not the cost of replacing light bulbs.

Margaret Nuttall

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