Politicians don’t put their lives on the line

UKIP would have the Government go back to spending more on our Army to support overseas engagements.

Soldiers in action during the house assault.
Soldiers in action during the house assault.

There have been welcome signs that instead it is cutting back on those, surely a more sensible measure for a country that cannot afford to keep public conveniences open, ensure all our population is properly fed or our old people cared for with dignity?

David Cameron boosted the commemoration of the Great War, probably hoping this would increase public support for today’s Servicemen and women. More likely, it has reminded us that politicians don’t put their own lives on the line when they decide to take military action, instead asking others to take the brunt of their failure to find a sensible way of dealing with international disagreement. At least they realised that arming rebels opposing Syria’s Government wasn’t a clever idea.

Today’s troubles can be traced back to their misunderstanding of the situation in Libya and Iraq and the West’s largely uncritical support of Israel. Their lavish distribution of arms to countries that do not share our beliefs and principles has contributed to making the situation worse.

Peter Copestake