Politicians are behaving like children

When Russell Brand’s manic utterances start to resonate and sound sensible then you know there’s something very wrong with yourself or the world.
House of CommonsHouse of Commons
House of Commons

Thankfully the first couple of weeks of the 2015 General Election confirm it’s not me and the debacle of “grown-ups” behaving like Primary School children confirms the old graffiti slogan “Don’t vote – it only encourages them!”

But we are encouraged to vote; it’s our civic duty, people died for our democratic rights etc. etc. And actually I have always voted, despite increasing disillusionment with politics in general and politicians as people worthy of my vote, I’ve always voted “blue”.

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Like many others I was dismayed therefore when the local Conservative Association decided to retain Nigel Evans as our local MP and now Conservative candidate. Certainly he was acquitted of the charges levelled against him a year ago, but I for one cannot be represented in Parliament by a man who may claim to have “A strong voice for Ribble Valley” (according to his election leaflet) but demonstrates a serious weakness of character with regard to alcohol and power-seeking acolytes. In most walks of life such behaviour demonstrated over an extended period of time, according to court reports, would have resulted in dismissal.

Thank you then David Brass for giving us a real alternative in the Ribble Valley. Add me to your growing list of supporters; I’ll not vote Conservative in General or Local Elections as long as I live in the Ribble Valley or Nigel Evans is the Conservatives’ local offering.

Brockhall Village