POEM: Parking fine tale of woe

A Lady Distressed Inside,

Thursday, 26th February 2015, 5:01 pm
Fixed penalty notice

Opened her post and cried.

Never again will I shop at an Aldi store.

Your use of Parking Eye I vehemently deplore.

Customers are treated like criminals when they shop,

Exceed 1hr 30 mins and a £70 fine through my letterbox did drop.

Parking Eye are as popular as septic piles,

To get a parking ticket shopping at Aldi,definitely riles.

Customers run round and spend much less,

To avoid the fines that are difficult to suppress.

Get your tills sorted there’s always a queue,

Transfer to Tesco or ASDA,more time to view.

Been shopping at Aldi for over a decade,

An enemy of me their parking fines have made.

How many customers have you lost through this parking farce?

The total gain for Aldi is definitely sparse.

We cannot afford to pour money down the drain,

I will never shop at Aldi again!!

Loads of online comments of parking distress,

Your customers are unhappy you need to redress!

A disgruntled pensioner