Please reconsider 60mph limit on country road

Standen Road in Clitheroe is two miles long and is used by walkers, cyclists,and children learning to ride a bike. New mothers can take their prams in idyllic surroundings.

There are problems with car drivers who instead of joining the A59 from Pendle Road turn off right and speed down to the left junction and up to the 59. This saves them five minutes at the most.

I walk on Standen Road at least once a day and, in the four years since I retired, traffic has increased and is more urgent judging by the speed of the cars zooming past me at various time during the day.

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The powers-that-be have erected new speeding signs. At last someone in authority has seen the problems and set up a 20 mph restriction. Unfortunately that is not the case, the council or the police have put up signals that authorise 60 mph!

Standen Road is four yards wide for perhaps half-a-mile, there are no road markings except for 20 yards each side of Pendle Road and the road is pot-holed.

It’s Tommy Cooper legislation... “just like that”.

Can the council please take a look at this farce and reconsider the decision. The town is already full of boy racers for goodness sake – dont give them the chance to get on there. There are lives are at risk!

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