Please can you help me trace missing uncle?

My dad, Andrew Renwick, was a Burnley man along with his mum, step-dad and his brother. My mum and dad separated a few years after I was born and my dad died in 1995 when my sisters were 11, 7 and 3 and I was 9. After his funeral in Burnley we visited my dad’s family every now and again during holidays but eventually lost touch and I was heartbroken.

Photo: David Hurst
Burnley Market Square and Charter Walk Shopping Centre
Photo: David Hurst Burnley Market Square and Charter Walk Shopping Centre

In 1998 my grandma (my dad’s mum Rhonda Wilson) died from breast cancer and for a few months after my uncle Kevin Wilson would ring to see how we were doing but, because of family issues, I haven’t heard anything from him since 1999.

It has been so long, far too long. I wonder every day how he is, is he even alive, does he have a family etc.

Out of all my siblings I am the spitting image of my dad and am now 28 years old and have two beautiful boys of my own (one of five and one of 18 weeks) who also look just like him and I really want to find my uncle so he can be a part of their lives as he’s the closest thing to my father I’ve got left and I missed out on that relationship with him.

I am also getting married in August to an amazing man and would love nothing more than for him to be a part of our big day.

The last time I visited them I was around 12, so am not sure where they lived I just know it was somewhere in Burnley.

I know the odds are slim but I’m desperate. If anyone can help me with information about my uncle’s whereabouts will they ring me on 07743743048.

Kelly Renwick