Pigeons are home to roost

The only noise from Lancashire County Council of late is the sound of very expensive pigeons coming home to roost.

Lancashire County Council
Lancashire County Council

The ruling group at County has allegedly spent £6.6m on a study about saving money, on a deficit they have known about for four years.

Since Labour took over the reins at County Hall nearly four years ago, the size of its fiscal problems have ballooned, leaving the tax payers of Lancashire to come to the inescapable conclusion that the council is a set of incompetents, and the only thing that has saved us from massive council tax increases is the Government cap.

Apart from spending millions of pounds of public money they do not have, they have spent the last four years sat on their collective hands doing nothing but blame Government cuts. They fail to tailor their budget to the money available, something that the poorest in the land does every day, but seems to be beyond the ruling group at County.

It is time to say “goodbye” to this sorry bunch, and it looks like Coun Borrow, deputy leader and committee member for performance improvement (you really couldn’t make that one up) has had the same idea.

Coming from his direction are the sounds of a lifeboat being launched as he abandons County and paddles off into the gloom.

Gordon McCann

via email