Parish council takes pride in gateway into town

In response to the article about the derelict former Bull and Butcher pub in Manchester Road, Burnley, Habergham Eaves Parish Council works hard to keep the area around the building looking good as it is the gateway to the town.

poppies, taken by Adrian Potts.
poppies, taken by Adrian Potts.

The parish council objected to the restaurant idea on the grounds of noise pollution, increased traffic and because the applicant wanted to build homes on the triangle of land at the front, which is common land and maintained by the parish council and currently full of poppies to mark World War One.

There has only been one fire to our knowledge and the damage was negligible and occurred at the rear of the building. We have updates from our Community Support Officer and there been no incidents of drinking, drug taking or teenage gangs reported to us.

The parish council is mindful of the building and takes great care in keeping the surrounding area tidy. Our lengthsman attends to it weekly. There are two planters (one marking the 1914 centenary), a bench and, this year, poppies have been planted to commemorate the 1914 World War. A new plaque has been erected and flowers planted around the plinth for Buttercross Way and some residents have expressed how pleased they are such care and thoughtfulness is being given to their surroundings.

Residents with concerns are welcome at parish council meetings, the details of which are in the parish notice boards and in the Express.

Pat Osbaldeston

Chairman, Habergham Eaves Parish Council