Our small island is now full to bursting

A thousand homes flooded with more than 110 flood warnings in Britain on Christmas Day, resulting in thousands of people’s Christmas festivities being ruined, and even some areas unable to be reached and given help. “The perfect storm.”

Friday, 10th January 2014, 5:31 pm

We need to be told as soon as possible how much of this misery was caused by out-of-touch councillors giving the go-ahead to build on flood plains. You were so right, Steve Rush, (Clitheroe Advertiser, December 19th) about “The death of democracy”. I’m sure, Steve, you spoke for the majority of people.

A poster in a Ribble Valley resident’s garden summed it up so well. It read: “Whalley says no to more houses. But it didn’t make any difference.”

I’m afraid politicians of all three major parties have failed us. This small island is now full to bursting with people, but still our green fields and farmland is being plundered for a quick profit; no thought whatsoever for the wellbeing of our future generations.

Winston Churchill must be turning in his grave over the tens of thousands of merchant seamen who lost their lives getting much-needed food supplies to these shores, 1939-45.

We have slavery and corrupt politicians, “Pot Hole Britain” and “Rip-Off UK”, thousands living in poverty and squalor while pay is lagging behind prices. Malnutrition cases treated at NHS hospitals have nearly doubled during the economic downturn, with a 170% rise in people turning to foodbanks in the past year.

Most Britons are cowed into silence about incomers, while incompetent MPs are given an 11% pay rise. In turn they give away £1 billion a month in overseas aid, even aid to China, who recently sent a rocket to the Moon!

I could go on and on, but must finish by saying that now, in my 70s, I have never seen this country so divided and in a worse state than it is now. “Happy New Year” everyone.

Bert Hardwick

Station Road, Clitheroe