Our market town will become urban sprawl

It was very interesting to hear comments from all sides regarding the planning application for 1,040 homes, a school and other infrastructure on the Standen Hall site in Clitheroe, which was approved thanks to the majority votes of “nimby” members of the planning committee who represent the villages of the Ribble Valley.

This despite fears expressed by Lancashire County Council Highways Department, who recommended refusal of the plan. It appears to me rather strange there does not appear to have been any comment one way or another from our MP, Mr Nigel Evans, regarding the fears of many of his constituents in Clitheroe. Surely he has something to say on all the recent planning decisions which are going to affect this constituency?

Needless to say, doubtless plenty will be heard from him on all subjects in 2015 when he is soliciting votes, if he is putting up for re-election.

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Obviously there has to be progress in Clitheroe and the Ribble Valley and we should welcome it, but to see all the plans which have already been passed or submitted, these will surely tend to make the market town of Clitheroe into an urban sprawl which is beyond all reason.

John H. Cowgill,

Former Independent Mayor of Clitheroe