Our councillors are answerable to the public

Since when has it been wrong to ask your councillor a question?


People may or may not know Nelson town councillors have £1,000 to spend in each of their wards. Ward councillors have to agree how it is spent (good causes and for the benefit of residents).

Around 18 months ago, Walverden Town Coun. Abdul Aziz decided to arrange for two bench seats to be put in the churchyard at St Paul’s with the consent of the other two councillors. The benches were to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. There was merit in Coun. Aziz wanting to do this and they were ordered at a cost of £1,000.

A few weeks ago (February 12th), because the benches had not been delivered to the church, I asked Coun. Aziz at Nelson Town Council if he could throw any light on the matter. As he muttered under his breath that it was nothing to do with him, the town clerk said he would look into the matter.

The bill has been paid but there are no benches. This is tax-payers’ money and it seems our councillor, after spending the money, doesn’t want to follow it up.

I recently went to the Nelson area committee meeting and asked Coun. Aziz if he could throw any light on the new garden tax being introduced i.e. how is it going to be implemented, how much it is going to cost the tax-payer and how will it be collected? His answer was that I am getting at him as I had already asked him another question at the town council.

I have emailed him on both the subjects in question but, as of yet, I’m still awaiting a reply. Councillors should realise they are answerable to members of the public.

George Adam