Not all wind turbines automatically unacceptable

I read with interest the letter from Mr Clayton relating to wind turbines. It referred to planning policy on these being highly discriminatory.

Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine

National planning policy is supportive of wind energy developments in the right locations.

Where I differ from Mr Clayton is in the use of the term “discriminatory”.

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Pendle has areas of different landscape quality. We have the nationally recognised Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, we have urban fringe areas, we have green belt as well as the area at Boulsworth that is of international quality for its wildlife.

We have areas of differing landscape qualities. To understand what these are the whole of Pendle has been assessed to establish what landscape quality different areas possess. That assessment identifies some areas that are more likely to be able to accommodate wind turbines than others.

When planning applications are received for wind turbines, there has to be an informed assessment of the landscape impact.

This takes into account the landscape quality of the area as well as the individual impacts of the proposed development. Planning officers have recommended refusal, on landscape grounds, of five out of the last six applications we have received for wind turbines.

Protecting our countryside from inappropriate development is a high priority for us, but not all wind turbines are automatically unacceptable.

Neil Watson

Planning Manager, Pendle Council