No tens of thousands of pounds worth of union funding

In response to Mrs Southern’s concerns about Unite funding for the campaigns of some General Election candidates, I would like to make the following points.

I wish the Labour Party candidate for Burnley did receive tens of thousands of funding from Unite the Union but sadly that is not the case. In fact, financial support is very limited so Mrs Southern really ought to check the source of her information and she certainly shouldn’t believe everything she reads in the Sun newspaper.

Julie Cooper does have the in-principle support of many Unite and other union members who want to see a Government that gives top priority to the concerns of ordinary working people.

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Both the Labour Party and the unions are run by democratically elected people who are answerable to their members. This is in stark contrast to many of the Coalition candidates, many of whom have their campaigns funded by rich business people who are answerable to no one.

Finally, as a member of Unite, Mrs Southern will know that each member has to give their individual consent for any political donations.

Mark Townsend

Todmorden Road