NHS will only get better with Labour

David Cameron used to say his priority could be summed up in three letters: NHS.

Now, it seems, he prefers not to talk about it.

The list of reasons why is growing longer by the day.

First, we learned the NHS missed its cancer treatment standard for the first time, leaving a growing number of people waiting longer for the start of treatment.

Then came news the deterioration in cancer care was worse than we thought, and extended to people with suspected cancers waiting for tests. Waiting times for diagnostic tests are at a six-year high, with 17,000 waiting longer than they should be.

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More generally, NHS waiting lists are now past the three million mark for the first time in six years - highly embarrassing for a Prime Minister who once said the test of his NHS reorganisation would be its effect on waiting times.

A&E departments across the country are in the grip of a summer crisis, with record numbers attending and tens of thousands waiting too long to be seen.

We need a proper debate about what is happening in the NHS, why it is going wrong and what must be done to put it right.

David Cameron knows his costly top down reorganisation is to blame and must face up to the problems or make way for a Government that will.

Only with Labour will the NHS be better off. Labour will repeal David Cameron’s NHS changes that put private profit before patient care.

David Foat

Varley Street, Colne