New transport plans simply are not fair

I have recently received from Rachel Crompton, Developer Support Manager, of the Lancashire County Council Highways Service, a set of plans for the highways improvements associated with the Henthorn Road North development.

The plan of the junction of the development service road and Henthorn Road indicates traffic priority is to be given to residents of the new development.

I am objecting in the strongest possible terms to this proposal on the grounds this is a gross infringement of the established rights of the traditional users of this highway. These include all the occupiers of properties situated to the south of the junction, ie, private houses, farms, Waste Water Treatment Works, DEFRA, and the Household Waste Disposal Centre (and its many users).

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The volume of traffic generated by the development at peak periods will far outweigh that of the traditional users, who, at these times, will be subjected to unacceptable delays in accessing Henthorn Road north of the junction. This, in my view, is quite inequitable and should be vigorously opposed by Ribble Valley Borough Council’s Planning Department.

I also note no plans have been submitted for improvements to the Henthorn Road/Thorn Street junction and the Henthorn Road/Edisford Road junction, both of which are currently subject to frequent problems due to the much increased volume of traffic arising from the development, particularly heavy traffic which has great difficulty manoeuvring to turn right onto Thorn Street and Edisford Road.

Andrew Moore,

Kenilworth Drive, Clitheroe,