Negative treatment of Julie Cooper?

I am intrigued by the regular letters from a Mr F.W. Birch, scourging the Labour Party, praising the achievements of the Coalition and, inevitably it seems, ending with a paean of praise for what he claims to be the achievements of the sitting MP, Coun. Gordon Birtwistle.

Leader of Burnley Council Julie Cooper, at Kaman Tooling factory.
Leader of Burnley Council Julie Cooper, at Kaman Tooling factory.

If Mr Birch, who I have never met and who so far as I know has made no active contribution to local political affairs, were formally employed as a Liberal Democrat spin doctor his contributions could not be more wholehearted.

His latest effort castigates Labour’s Sue Graham who complained the Birtwistle Express column “A Week in Westminster” amounts to blatant and self-serving election propaganda, a view I agree with.

I have to contrast the indulgence of the Express towards Coun. Birtwistle with the negative treatment of Julie Cooper, just one example of which was a recent report of Labour’s May Day Parade without a single quote from Coun. Cooper’s excellent rallying speech.

Now we are just a year away from a General Election, to be fought here on a mainly Birtwistle versus Cooper basis, I would like to offer a constructive suggestion that would go some way towards adding substance to the claims the Express makes of political neutrality, a contention I view with acute scepticism. I propose Julie Cooper, as Leader of Burnley Council, should be offered a weekly column of equal length to “A Week in Wesminster”.


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Harry Brooks

Barnfield Avenue,