My solution to Boundary Mill roundabout mayhem

I read with interest the letter signed “concerned resident” regarding the lanes leading to the M65 at Vivary Way.

Photo credit should read: Rui Vieira/PA Wire
Photo credit should read: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

I wasn’t there to see what happened but it seems the writer had turned right onto the M65 from the left lane at Vivary Way. The signage is slightly ambiguous regarding these lanes but apparently this is allowable.

But no one doing this should be surprised to find vehicles in the lane to the right of them at this point, since the right hand lane is clearly marked “M65” and if the left lane of the motorway is occupied by motorists who have turned right by remaining in the left lane, then the right-lane traffic has nowhere else to go. It’s not rocket science.

Isn’t it the norm for the right lane at a roundabout to be for those turning right?

In fact, it wouldn’t hurt the left-lane brigade to perhaps let the right-laners in graciously instead of giving them black looks and acting as though they’ve been grievously offended!

What do these people think the right lane is for anyway? For drivers who want to pop back home because they’ve forgotten their sandwiches?

I’m not saying “concerned resident” was to blame, only I’m not surprised there has been an accident, thankfully minor.

As I said, the signage is slightly confusing and I propose the only sensible, safe solution is for the right lane to remain clearly marked “M65” and for the left lane to be clearly marked “Boundary Mill/other routes” and for motorists to observe this.

Michael Hartley


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