Miracle cure for my haemophilia, hepatitis C and HIV

Further to your article about the benefits crisis, I am nearly 60 and a victim of the tainted blood scandal. This is, to quote Lord Winston: “The worse treatment tragedy in the history of the NHS.”

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 16th July 2014, 7:00 am

It’s when in the late 70s and early 80s 4,500 haemophiliacs became infected with the Hepatitis C virus from using NHS supplied impure factor 8, for their haemophilia, a bleeding disorder. Of those 4,500 victims 1,300 were also infected with HIV and it has since been discovered most, if not all, have been exposed to CJD (mad cow disease).

The death rate is still at one a month. Our 30-year battle for proper financial compensation and an apology is ongoing.

I am infected with hepatitis C and HIV, and require intravenous injections to control my haemophilia and constant medication with its vile side effects and strong painkillers.

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Discounting these blood infections, my bleeding disorder has left me with a pronounced limp, no movement in one knee and limited movement in the other, severe joint damage in one elbow and shoulder and chronic arthritis in both ankles and a few other joints. Even on the best days, I walk with a stick and am sometimes housebound for days.

I attended an ATOS medical which took 40 minutes. I explained all my aliments and took my medication as proof. The ruling is, score below 15 points and you are eligible to start seeking employment. I scored zero! Either it’s a farce or a miracle cure. I have appealed the decision.

The Bruiser