Lucky to survive at danger junction

I am lucky to be writing this letter, and you are lucky to be reading it! Some months ago our lives nearly ended at the traffic lights at Spring Wood near Whalley.
The junction at Spring Wood.The junction at Spring Wood.
The junction at Spring Wood.

Coming from the A59 on the A671 we were waiting to turn right down into Whalley. As the amber lights stopped the oncoming traffic we proceeded to turn right. An oncoming commercial vehicle ignored the traffic stopping on the amber, and there was nearly a major accident that would have involved ourselves and a number of other vehicles waiting to exit the Accrington Road from Whalley.

A number of serious accidents have taken place at this junction and the police and county highways authority are aware of this as the A671 is designated as a “high speed road”.

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I have been in touch with the Highway Authority asking simply that a green arrow right-hand filter should be installed to allow traffic to turn into Whalley while traffic coming from the east is stationary. It appears this might involve major changes to the road layout and would cost up to £120,000.

I am also given to understand that if there were to be a fatality at this junction the priority for such work would change. Given the existing layout with three lanes allowing for turning traffic in both directions I find it difficult to believe the installation of filter lighting could be so expensive.

At least if this concerns you, please write or email to the Highways Department at Preston PR5 6BS, [email protected] and help to save a life.

The Rev. Ian Robins,

Manorfields, Whalley

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