London has cleaner streets than Clitheroe

I chose to walk to work today, a regular but not daily decision (method not destination, unfortunately). My journey begins in Low Moor and ends in Taylor Street, the particulars I’ll keep to myself.

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I have read with interest the numerous articles and scheming attempts at “cleaning up our streets” to dog mess, yet alas my morning stroll represented more of an obstacle course than experienced by our tractor-tyre-throwing friends at CrossFit.

I have rung the dog warden and bumped into our guardians-elect PCSOs in afternoons, a time unpopular with dog walkers, and mentioned my concerns. I have been placated but unconvinced and remain in a state of doubt. I have several canine-owning neighbours with whom I have shared concerns and trust they are responsible enough.

However, the sheer volume of visitors to Low Moor and surrounding parkland means that, without a serious attempt by the council/law, the situation is moribund. We, the people, need to take responsibility for our pets. I have small children and pushing a pram is a hazardous practise. I also enjoy having clean shoes. Having spent three years living in London I can say, without fear of hyperbole, that the nation’s capital has cleaner streets. Clitheroe, you should be ashamed.

I feel better now, thank you.


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Richard Brunning

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