Life is all about politics

The election fever rages, it is in full swing. Many people do not equate politics with their life, yet the air we breathe, taxes, the schools our children go to, the high street, crime etc. all are decided by either the EU and MEPs or politicians and local councils.

Take mental health. In the Ribble Valley services have already been cut beyond the bone. Ribble Valley carers for mental health has gone over to Burnley. It was for years under the umbrella of Making Space, with a good support system. When you were in a crisis you knew who to ring; all fragmented now, the support has been broken.

We the carers fought and repeated our stories to get services up and running in the Ribble Valley, it drained us all. Some carers are now in their 70s and 80s and feel let down and abandoned, not to mention the sufferers of mental health whose services have “gone with the wind”.

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It seems the lower down you become, the more disabled and vulnerable you are. That’s when this Government wants to pounce. They are telling us all they will make billions more cuts to the disabled and the poor (as if they caused the financial crisis), but won’t say where the cuts are coming.

If you are disabled, beware if this Government get back in. I won’t be voting for anyone with Conservative in their name so David Brass, who is an independant Conservative, or Nigel Evans, who has allowed Ribble Valley to be flooded with housing, and allowed zero hours contracts.

Proud people who have to wait in line to find out if they have work that day or not (it works for a very few, not if you have to feed a family or pay the rent or mortgage). Food banks, bedroom tax, disabled people forced out of their homes if they can’t pay the bedroom tax.

Now I hear they’re about to give vulnerable people and drug addicts and gamblers their rent instead of it going to housing direct. Lunacy! Sheer lunacy! The only leaflet I have received to date and the only knock on my door for the election has been UKIP.

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