LETTER: Zebra crossing needed to playground

I AM writing as a concerned resident who, for too long, has wondered why there is not a zebra crossing for pedestrians who wish to cross Eshton Terrace at the entrance to the Castle Recreation Grounds?

It is a question I have silently asked, holding on to my son’s arm in anticipation of making a safe crossing into the park.

The entrance to the Castle Recreation Grounds in Eshton Terrace is a place where pedestrians are forced to negotiate the traffic if they want to use the skate park or kick a football or walk their dog; for children – who can be so easily distracted – the flow of traffic just outside the entrance to the park is a death trap. Following a recent incident when my young neighbour was knocked down by a car at this junction, I decided to find out how to request the provision of a zebra crossing.

I made inquiries and learned it is necessary to write to Traffic and Safety, PO Box 9, The Guild House, Cross Street, Preston, PR1 8RD, with your name, address, contact telephone number, the location of the proposed crossing, and the reason for the request.

My reason for making the request is this: without a zebra crossing at Eshton Terrace and the entrance to the Recreation Grounds, there is no accommodation for the safety of pedestrians who wish to come from the south side of Clitheroe into town via the park.


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In addition, as the grounds are such a draw for children (with the provision of the skate park, playing field and play park), it is in keeping with the principal that every child matters to do whatever can be done to provide the safest possible environment for children who wish to cross the road to visit the grounds. In short, there is a duty of care.


Wilson Street, Clitheroe