LETTER: Work together to make Nelson town centre better

I WRITE in response to a letter of February 15th.

I am at present the lengthsman for Nelson and, as I was referred to in the letter, I felt I should respond.

I have an allocated amount of hours and have to be instructed to carry out certain tasks. I cannot act on my own initiative.

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I cannot comment on the bureaucracy of the different councils involved in the upkeep of Nelson town centre.

However, I can assure the peopple of Nelson I carry out any tasks requested, but there are restraints on Nelson Town Council’s budget.

Colne has won many awards for its well-kept flower arrangements in the town.

However, it is not due to finance or council’s involvement, it is due to the Colne in Bloom committee which is made up of councillors and volunteers. They have local firms sponsoring and providing funding.

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Som instead of pinning the blame on anyone, let’s all work together in Nelson and make the town centre an award winner, too.