LETTER: Where have the Whalley fish gone?

PREPARING for Whalley’s entry into Britain in Bloom, fish brackets for hanging baskets appeared and a stainless steel fish sculpture replaced the stone block fountain, both enhancing the village.

They were joined in the garden area of the adult centre and war memorial by two dimensional fish sculptures which were surrounded by white and blue flowers, which made them look as if they were moving through water. They have now disappeared

The garden had looked rather neglected, but the fish and much hard work by volunteers revitalised this area.

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On asking where they had gone, it appears that an education foundation trust overseen by LCC with an elected board of governors has responsibility for its upkeep. They asked for the fish to be removed because correct procedures were not followed.

Could common sense have said “don’t waste the time and money spent on this – let this attractive addition to Whalley Village remain”.

Is it possible that they could be reinstated? The board of governors meet in March and October. If we live in a democracy and our taxes fund councils, public pressure should be able to have decisions looked at again and perhaps altered.

If you have an opinion on whether the fish should stay or go please write to the governors at the adult centre in time for their meeting at the following address: Att. The Governors, Whalley Adult Association, Station Road, Whalley, Lancashire, BB7 9RH.


Brookes Lane,