LETTER: We take issue with gritting claims

Thank you for publishing your article on Shireburn Park’s access issue during inclement weather (February 9th).

In response to the county council’s comments in the article, we accept it is not responsible for salting the slope leading to Edisford Road and this has never been an issue. The grit pile at the entrance to site was placed there after a council refuse wagon got stuck on sheet ice on the road in early January. The county council appeared 30 minutes after the wagon got stuck, gritted around the vehicle and left a few shovelfuls of salt at the side of the road on the hill.

The driver, with whom I spoke, said Edisford Road was a danger in icy conditions and was disgusted it should be ignored by LCC. This grit was not left in situ in response to Shireburn residents’ appeal for help from the council, but as an afterthought by LCC after freeing their refuse vehicle.

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Our main issue is with the council’s response to the article in which Mr Eagle, public realm manager at LCC, claims Edisford Road was gritted on the Friday, prior to the weekend’s snow and ice,

The only treatment placed on this road was a bag full of grit dumped on the bridge just before the hill leading to the site, and unfortunately for Mr Eagle we have photos of LCCs claim to gritting this road, which by Sunday morning was totally impassable except to 4x4 vehicles. Nowhere along this road from Edisford Bridge to Waddington was any other gritting undertaken. Why was the road “gritted” on Friday when the snow didn’t arrive until 2 p.m. Saturday?

Mr Eagle may also like to comment on Lancashire County Council’s Highways Departments Health and Safety policy regarding bulk gas tankers delivering propane gas to Shireburn Park when the road is snowbound and icy, or the provision made for the access of the emergency services if, as they state, Edisford Road is “their responsibility”?

How many more excuses are the residents of Shireburn Park going to get from LCC before something is done about the road during icy conditions, the latest one being they can only grit Edisford Road during hours of daylight, so the gritter that turns round at Edisford bridge at 7 p.m. is unable to provide the necessary service.

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We appreciate other areas have difficulty during adverse weather but we are completely cut off from local services and supplies.

Could Mr Eagle tell us how much of our annual council tax bill goes into providing a gritting service to our community?


Shireburn Park


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