LETTER: We should have listened to Enoch Powell on immigration

Excluding Britain’s economy – now in a miserable state – Government policy on immigration has more influence on our future than any other legislation.

Successive governments’ ineptitude in dealing with Britain’s crazy immigration policies has made England the most overcrowded country in Europe. Net increase in migrants last year was 163,000.

Times have changed. The only certainty is further uncertainty. If only the late Enoch Powell and his supporters had been listened to on immigration, instead of the cosmopolitan BBC with their leftie bias, there would have been no need now for so many houses being built on our valuable farmland.

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With our green fields and farmland being built on at an alarming rate to house Britain’s rapidly rising population – 100 million before the end of the century – will any councillor or officer from Ribble Valley planning tell readers of this newspaper where all the food will come from to feed the population, especially now with higher import prices for food, higher Government borrowing and debt linked with most people’s living standards being squeezed.

For our future generations’ protection let’s start to talk now about Britain’s food security.


Station Road,

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