LETTER: Unified European state arriving by stealth

despite William Hague being Foreign Secretary, we can no longer operate abroad for our best interests.

The Lisbon treaty of the EU has created a European External Action Service, another disgusting milestone in the stealth-like creation of a unified European state.

The ineffectual and negative charismatic Baroness Ashton of the British Labour Party heads foreign affairs. Noteworthy for her inaction, generous holiday allowance and failure to speak at all on events in the Arab world, this millionaire socialist and Blair clone has requested a 5.8% increase in her budget.

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As one of the world’s highest paid politicians, it has seemingly overlooked her Brussels parochialism that she was part of an administration that almost bankrupted her homeland.

I suspect the word “homeland” has no resonance with her type. Nor would it be of any relevance to her the increasing difficulties that ordinary English people are experiencing day by day to get by financially on reduced incomes.

Her demands claiming “poverty” make me both angry and physically sick, Perhaps one day we shall have an equivalent of the Nuremberg Trials. We could hold them in Birmingham and put on trial those guilty of sedition, treason and modern day piracy.

I shall leave it to the reader to consider what the common punishment for those found guilty ought to be.


Aspen Lane, Earby