LETTER: UKIP ‘nasty’ party claim is unfounded

It has been interesting reading comments regarding the rise of UKIP.

Wednesday, 6th March 2013, 8:58 am

Attempts to label it a nasty party are totally unfounded. Unlike the other parties, UKIP is made up of ordinary people in Burnley who hold legitimate concerns about our town and country.

Wanting to have the final say over what happens in your community is neither unpleasant nor racist.

UKIP has come a long way in throwing off these unjustified claims. Believing in a free NHS with free eye and dental checks, lower taxes for all with the lowest paid not paying tax at all and supporting stronger sentences for people committing the worst type of crimes is something I think most people agree with. Only by leaving the EU can we really make these changes and that is offered only by UKIP. Growing in Burnley and Britain is inevitable with ideas such as these and that is why I have decided to stand on May 2nd in the county council elections.

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