LETTER: Tribute to a great reporter

I WAS very sorry to read of the sad death of Bert Bolton in the Burnley Express (Friday, September 14th).

I first met Bert in the 1960s when I was Dan Jones’s agent and he was part of the main team of reporters along with Allan Halstead and Raymond Mann.

Over the many years I knew him through being Leader of the Council and then MP I found him to be a very fair and straight-forward reporter and very good to deal with.

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A great person and great reporter, and always a credit to Burnley and also the Express.

Bert was rightly very proud of his war service and the last time I met him was earlier this year at a service at the war memorial in the town, proudly wearing his medals as he often did. It was just about the time of his 90th birthday, but he certainly did not look to be 90.

I am proud to have known Bert and to have been able to regard him as a friend.