LETTER: Time the BBC stopped showing ‘depressing Burnley’

I SEE yet again the BBC national news has trawled its archives to find the most depressing of its files on Burnley.

The programme was supposed to be about a teenager with behavioural problems and his mum’s effort to eradicate those problems with help from various social services groups.

The accompanying film concentrated on various skips full of rubbish, areas of the town in need of modernisation, an interview with one of the workers involved in this scheme, with low level shots of a pavement with grass growing between the flagstones and an interview with the lad and his mum.

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Why did the BBC not concentrate on the issue? Where were the interviews with other participants in this scheme? Why not concentrate on the successes on this scheme and film those? No, it’s time to get out the best depressing shots from our BBC blinkered “Burnley archive”.

Has anyone from the BBC national news ever spent any length of time in and around Burnley, or do they believe everything they see in their “lets show Burnley in a depressing light yet again file”?

I would suggest the BBC spend some quality time in and around Burnley. They will then appreciate that, although we do have our problems, along with almost every other town and city in the UK, we also have a great deal to be proud of.

Finally, I would suggest the BBC comes to meet the people of our town and they may be surprised. We even have grass fields, stately homes, museums and lots and lots of beautiful countryside. And most of the houses are not falling down!

Mr B. Bamford

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