LETTER: The fantasy politics of UKIP

Candidate Jamie McGowan writes to tell us UKIP is no longer a nasty party.

He may be one of those many people who are simply angry about politics and want something different. But he should have a closer look at what his party actually says.

UKIP proposes a massive tax cut for millionaires. According to their policy, the UK’s 8,000 millionaires would get a tax cut of about £3 billion a year.

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They want much bigger cuts in public services. They say: “The coalition’s cuts do not scratch the surface of Labour’s deficit. We must cut down government.”

They do not accept the scientific case for climate change and would scrap all major green initiatives.

They would spend 40% more on defence.

They would scrap the smoking ban and open up the case for hunting again.

And, of course, they want England to leave the EU with a massive effect on Burnley’s businesses, exports and employment.

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None of this is costed, they have no idea how it would work out or add up. And, above all, none of it is controlled by either Lancashire County Council or Burnley Council. If anybody wants a better-run council here, UKIP has nothing useful to say.

Their fantasy politics might be irrelevant except that UKIP MEPs are supposed to be representing residents in the EU. But of UKIP’s elected MEPs since 1999, seven have left the party, two of them directly to jail for defrauding taxpayers.

UKIP MEPs have also voted against measures to support job creation in Burnley, but in favour of the BNP getting taxpayer funding.



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