LETTER: The countdown to the May local elections starts now

January/February is the time the political parties awake from winter hibernation to think about their candidates for the May elections.

So a few thoughts. The councillors coming up for election have been so for the last four years if they wish to continue and have been active and responsible ones - even if not always following a party line, they should be backed.

If they are to be replaced, it should be with someone who has been active in the community, not someone who says they will be active if elected.

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In another authority, some Lib Dems went independent as they said they should automatically be selected and not judged on their record. That is wrong.

I am against the idea of paper candidates - i.e. someone standing just to get a party name on the paper.

It’s not a popular view, but everyone on the ballot paper should want to be elected and determined to give of their best.

The public also needs to wake up to reality. These May elections are about electing a councillor for your ward who will look after the ward and the borough, taking the hard decisions with the money available.

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They are not about Government decisions, not about grievances - real or percieved. They are for a General Election.

Make the decision on where to put your cross - yes, it will still be one cross - on the performance or the qualities of each candidate. The literature you receive should reflect that, not a rant about things outside local control.


Knotts Lane, Colne

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