LETTER: Stealth tax on the tips we leave in restaurants

No one is ever too surprised at the iniquitous antics of our Robin Hood in reverse, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, but I must admit to a sense of real shock the other day on hearing of one of Boy George’s little known tax measures.

Imagine this scenario... You go out for a meal... the food is good... the service is spot on... you are quite happy to leave a tip. But did you know the tip is taxed?

Local MP Andrew Stephenson has made it abundantly clear his beloved Westminster leaders can do no wrong but does he not agree - just a touch perhaps - that this is an unjust and reprehensible stealth tax on tips?

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By the way, congratulations to Lord Tony Greaves for being one of only two Lib-Dem peers to vote against the hated Health and Social Care bill in the Lords. No slavish adherence to the party line for him!

Well done, M’Lord Tony.


Beaufort Street, Nelson