LETTER: Staggering achievements of Conservatives

I found it illuminating to read recent letters from Labour’s county council candidates Ian Graham (Pendle Central) and Azhar Ali (Nelson South). Or rather, what they did not say is what I found enlightening, since neither of them addressed issues that have anything to do with the county council!

I suspect this is because there is nothing in the record of the current LCC for them to criticise but they felt obliged to get their names before the public in the run-up to the elections. Moreover, they have nothing to offer voters were they to be elected.

By contrast, Mr Graham’s Conservative opponent in Pendle Central, Tommy Cooney, hits the nail on the head. This Conservative-led county council is the best we have had in a generation. Its achievements have been nothing short of staggering after the former Labour-led council’s tax and waste over many year. We would do well to bear that in mind in May.


Hill Top, Earby

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