LETTER: Soviet Union of Europe created before our eyes

With so many obvious problems in Europe, you may be surprised at me writing here about an oblique issue - democracy (or lack of it).

I have been explaining for many years how the EU is run by very well paid, faceless, “Eurocrats” who we have not elected and cannot sack. But with recent events, we can see democracy further crumbling before our eyes.

The Greek Prime Minister was sent back home to sell a “bail out” to his people. As the deal will not help the Greek people (in fact the opposite), just the banks, not unreasonably he suggested a quick referendum. Before you can blink, he is sacked and a new Euro-compliant Prime Minister (former vice president of EU bank) is put in to serve his German masters.

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Meanwhile in Italy, Berlesconi has resigned and again a new Premier is parachuted in, former EU Commissioner Monti. So we now have two countries run by the unelected.

Closer to home, a big fuss was made over the new e-petitions, but when a massive number asked for a debate on an EU in/out referendum, this was effectively blocked by the main parties’ three-line whip. This despite a majority of people in the country wanting a referendum.

All this while David Cameron preaches the benefits of democracy to Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and so on.

For many years, my fear was that a United States of Europe was being created behind our backs. But now it seems much worse than that. It is more like a Soviet Union of Europe with a central politbureau-style gang pleasing themselves, and telling us what to do.

Let’s quit this crazy club before we are dragged further into the mire!


Cocker Hill, Foulridge