LETTER: Smoke and mirrors over homes plan

Following your front page article on February 14th regarding new homes planning in Clitheroe, once again I’d like to bring to everyone’s attention some inaccuracies in statements made.

Wednesday, 6th March 2013, 11:25 am

First of all and as I have previously written, a new Primary School has NOT been promised as stated, but land is allegedly “set aside” for such a development. The building and all costs involved will not be borne by the developer – though if approved (or forced through by appeal) the council should be able to make the building of a new school part of the contract agreement.

Secondly, Mr Evans is also wrong to say “Although ultimately it is going to be a decision for the local authority where the housing is going to go”.

We all know this is not true as, although the council may reject the planning application more than once, this will only lead the developers to go to appeal and force the issue via decision makers in far off London who have no understanding or care what happens here (witness the council planning department twice rejecting the development at Hazlemere in Pimlico Road that is now going to appeal).

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What I’d like to see is complete accuracy and transparency by all of the developers proposing new builds in the area so we the residents are completely clear over what is being proposed and what exactly we are going to be getting and not the smoke and mirrors that we have now.

The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth please.


Pimlico Road