LETTER: Slight of hand over pension increases

I WATCHED a report on BBC News 24 and one of the channel’s economic advisors stated the Government is sticking to its announcement in the Chancellor’s autumn statement, which said the rise in pensions was going to be paid in full, meaning pensioners and others would be getting the full rise of 5.5%, this being the rate of inflation recorded in September.

I’m sure most people would welcome this as an act of helping the less able in our society through a very difficult period. But hang on, the economist stated only about a million pensioners would get the full amount while the rest would be getting about 3% and he further stated this had been confirmed by the DWP. If this is the case it’s surely an extremely awful deceit to perpetuate on anyone as it looks like the largest portion of pensioners will be, in effect, subsidising the smallest group As our very own MP is second in command to Danny Alexander in the Treasury, he has got be involved in the formulation of this piece of slight of hand. So I will leave you to draw your own conclusions, but I know what mine are.